Add-On Products

Norming Asset Management is a powerful and complete asset management solution with Sage 300.

  1. Asset Accounting module – Provides the basic functionality for processing asset accounting transaction, including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, disposal and impairment. Asset merge and split are also available in this module.
  2. Asset Maintenance – Manage the maintenance activity for equipment and components. By specifying maintenance budget on SLA and maintenance order, the maintenance expense is under control.
  3. Asset Leasing – Manage asset leasing activity, and to process lease billing transaction with the Sage 300 Account Receivable module.
  1. Expense Tracking Module – Allows entry of employee expenses across Divisions, Regions, Departments and Cost Centers. If project module is enabled, the expense can be entered against Projects, Phases and Tasks to track the cost incurred on project.
  2. Time Tracking – Includes three components, Timesheet, Leave and Overtime.
  3. Requisition Management – Includes four functionalities, Purchase Requisition, Item Usage Requisition, A/P Invoice Requisition and Custom Requisition.
  4. Project Management – Facilitates the project management and accounting purpose in one database, helps project managers easily manage phases, WBS, tasks, team and milestone for the Project, and efficiently plan the project resources with Sage 300.

Norming Payroll Manager provides a powerful and complete payroll management solution for the market outside North America, including Asia, Africa, the Caribbean.

You can use it to set up and maintain employees, earnings/deductions, taxes, and other pay factors used in calculating their payroll. You can calculate payroll based on timecards or based on information you add when you set up employees. You can track the results of payroll processing on displays and printed reports.

You can use Norming Payroll Manager by itself or as part of an integerated system with Sage 300 General Ledger, Account Payable or Project and Job Costing. You can also transfer Payroll account data to and from spreadsheet and database applications.

Norming develops a suite of security products for Sage 300 to limit the sensitive or confidential data to the authorized Sage 300 users.

  1. Norming Bank Security – Enables organizations to control, which users can see or use certain banks based on user permission setting in Norming Bank Security.
  2. Norming Inventory Security – Control the user access to the I/C items and locations, based on user permission setting in Norming Inventory Security.
  3. Norming Sales Security – Control the user access to customers, price list, and order entry, sales history, based on customer permission setting in Norming Sales Security.
  4. Norming Purchase Security – Control the user access to vendors, purchase order, purchase receipt, purchase invoice and purchase history, based on vendor permission setting in Norming Purchase Security.
  5. Norming A/P Security – Control the user access to vendors, A/P invoices, A/P payment entries, A/P adjustment entries and vendor history, based on vendor permission setting in Norming A/P Security.
  6. Norming A/R Security – Control the user access to customers, A/R invoices, A/R receipt entries, A/R adjustment entries and customer history, based on customer permission setting in Norming A/R Security.
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