HP T620 Flexible Thin Client

Thin, Powerful, yet Efficient

  • HP T620 Flexible Thin Client (Energy Star) is an energy efficient desktop from HP. These desktops consume much less power than other desktops in the market. The power savings that you make by using HP T620 translate into substantial cost savings over the medium and long term. If you are a business or organization using many desktops, then HP T620 can significantly bring down your operational costs because of its lower consumption of power
  • HP T620 Flexible Thin Client is a flexible desktop. This means that you can customize it as per your needs or the needs of your business. You can choose the configuration that best suits your needs, from a range of configurations. You can choose from a range of expansion options to enhance the computing capabilities of your HP T620 Flexible Thin Client.
  • Your data and information stored in HP T620 Flexible Thin Client (Energy STAR) remains extra secure. This desktop can be made more secure by integrating security solutions from HP with it. These security solutions include HP BIOS, TPM chipset, Fiber NIC communications, and covers & ports that can be locked. This desktop gives you the option to customize your security as per the degree of confidentiality and importance of your data
  • HP T620 Flexible Thin Client (ENERGY STAR) has been designed in such a way so that service needs are minimized. The reduction in “computer-service” requirements saves your costs and increases your convenience
  • Up to four screens or monitors can be supported by one HP T620 Flexible Thin Client desktop. This capability of HP T620 Flexible Thin Client (ENERGY STAR) helps immensely in data analytics tasks

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