HP Retail Point-of-sale (POS) system

HP Retail Point-of-sale (POS) system: A POS system like never before

POS systems help you in conducting sales transactions with your customers. HP has used its competencies in creating computers to create POS systems that combine electronic cash register with sophisticated personal computing system. These POS systems help your employees in quickly answering customer queries with regard to the products; calculate bills; get out receipts; and exchange information with the rest of the organization if the need arises.

HP RP2 Retail Point-of-sale (POS) system: For businesses that value customer satisfaction

  • HP RP2 Retail are Point-of-sale (POS) systems from HP. These POS systems help your business in conduction POS transactions in a highly efficient, effective and smooth manner. These POS systems are highly stylish and sleek. They have been designed in such a way so that they occupy minimal space possible. This POS system is ideal if your business has space constraints. You can get this POS system installed at a wall, on a counter or on a kiosk.
  • HP gives you the option to choose from a range of operating systems for your HP R2 Retail System. You can also choose the touch technology that you want. HP also gives you a number of POS peripherals with this system. These peripherals help you in conducting POS transactions more conveniently.
  • These POS systems are driven by Quad-Core Intel processors. These processors give very fast computing speed to this system. The faster computing speed helps a business in conducting its POS transactions much faster. When the POS transactions are conducted faster, waiting time during peak hours is reduced considerably. Lower waiting time means more customer satisfaction. So, by getting HP RP2 Retail Point-of-sales (POS) system you can improve your customer service and customer satisfaction. No wonder then that businesses that are well-known for their customer service often rely on HP R2 Retail POS systems.
  • You can get HP RP2 Retail POS customized as per the unique transaction needs of your business. This system comes with RAM capacity of up to 8 GB. You can also choose a hard drive that suits the requirements of your business from a range of hard drive options.
  • A POS system is used for long hours by a business. Therefore the service requirements of POS systems are higher. When you use HP RP2 Retail POS then you get the service & support of HP. HP’s customer service & support is considered to be the best in the IT hardware industry.

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The best way to get HP RP2 Retail POS is to get it through NL IT Malaysia www.nlit.com.my. NL IT Malaysia is Malaysia’s leading end-to-end business solutions provider. It can advise your business in how to use this POS system so that efficiency and productivity are maximized. It can train your POS employees on how to use this system in the best possible way. It can advise you on how to customize the POS system so that it can meet the unique transaction needs of your business.

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