Commitment Accounting 6.3A

Commitment Accounting for Sage 300 provides advanced fiscal management by reporting budgetary position taking into account outstanding purchase orders.

It summarises outstanding purchase orders by GL account and populates an elected budget-set with the commitment values.

Management now have access to critical “available to spend” values using the Sage 300 Financial Reporter. FR can easily highlight GL cost-centres approaching budget limits or failing to consume budget.

Commitment Accounting operates by recording a snapshot of committed values.

Each snapshot is stored as a point in time copy of the source information and can be viewed and reported on retrospectively.

Commitment Accounting has configuration options to specify which budget set to utilise and numerous options to determine how to calculate and publish committed values to suit different client requirements.

  • User nominates which Sage 300 GL budget set is to be used
  • Enquiry screens that summarise commitment information by GL code or by vendor
  • Several options for updating of commitment data to GL, including to a period selected at runtime, to the periods based on the PO line expected dates, or to period 1
  • Commitment update can be run as frequently as required
  • Restriction on deletion of latest commitment snapshots for a period

In addition, Commitment Accounting provides full multi-currency support and the ability to handle commitments expected in future fiscal years.

Commitment Accounting is also available for both Standard and Advanced Editions of Sage 300; changes back in GL 5.5A allowed access to GL budget sets 2 through 5.

Sage 300 Financial Reporter provides management with powerful budgetary analysis that includes actual expenditure AND purchase commitments.

Commitment Accounting includes reports useful in analysing commitment snapshot values:

  • Summary Report – showing the total value of commitments by GL code
  • Detail Report – showing the details of PO lines that make up the total value of commitments for a specific GL code.

300 Editions: Standard, Advanced & Premium

Database: Microsoft SQL Server


Required Modules:

  • General Ledger
  • Purchase Orders

Pacific Technology Solutions has a long and successful history as a Sage Development Partner, developing Sage 300 Modules that enhance the functionality and capability of the Sage 300 Solution. Please visit our website for further information on products and services that we provide to the Sage 300 channel around the world.

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